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Knowledge Development Corporate Strategy

Sigmoid Knowledge Development Consultancy draws inspiration for all its services and human resources development programs from our Knowledge Development Corporate Strategy (KDCS).We associate our KDCS with the Sigmoid Curve concept, which creates a human development career path based on continuous learning and "maintaining momentum" by acquiring new skills. Charles Handy introduced this concept in 1995 in his book the 'Empty Raincoat' where he addressed the implications of this concept on the growth of organizations and impact on business.

Our KDCS mirrors the "Sigmoid Curve" concept and uses it to create a career development path in the client organization.This relationship allows us to work hand-in-hand with the organization, understand the client's knowledge development needs and suggest fit-for-purpose learning tools to gain knowledge and skills utilizing our services through KDCS four learning phases:

  • Take charge of development: We work closely with our clients to identify key knowledge gaps and field challenges. This is accomplished through close interaction with our esteemed clients.This facilitates our ability to offer customized development solutions through our wide range of learning resources.

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